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My iron giraffe piece is going to be in a REAL EXHIBIT. So if you're around the U of M after October 20th, stop by the Quarter Gallery in Regis. Check them shits out.

I AM GOING TO SEE BOB DYLAN. ON ELECTION DAY. Soooo stoked. Sooooooooo stoked.

Other than that... still in school. It's good. Still working at DBC. It's good. Still living the dream. Kind of.

And did I mention that I AM GOING TO SEE BOB DYLAN??!!?
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[19 Aug 2008|07:43am]
Biked to Stillwater this past weekend.
Holy mother. So good.
Hills on a Pista are not exactly fun, but the beer is, and the stops to smoke some 'cigarettes' aren't bad either.

Finally 'moved in' to my apartment of a year. No more boxes.
Let's have a party.

Also, am totally ordained.
Anyone want to get married? Or start a congregation?
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Well. [27 Jul 2008|11:25am]
I've been terribly busy the past couple weeks.

Last Sunday Matt and I noticed Bizarro was acting funny.
Called the emergency vet, they told us to bring him in immediately.
$912 later, we learn crystals had formed and prevented him from being able to pee.
And if it didn't get treated right away, toxins would build up and he would die.
So he spent the night in the clinic, and another $300 at his regular vet.
Now he's doing well, making the most adorable icky faces every time we give him meds.

I'm not at all worried about the money... I would spend anything on that cat, but it assures me I won't be having kids. Ever.

MCP had their gallery opening last night.
I spent a good portion of the past two weeks packing art, painting and patching, hanging work, fixing lights, and all the other bullshit that goes along with an opening.
But it went well.
I'm stoked to have gallery experience now.
And they may, MAY be offering me a position after my internship, which would be sweet.

Wednesday I leave for a well deserved trip to the cabin.
Today I'm going to fix myself up with a pinhole, so I can start doing that shit.
I need to use the darkroom before school starts.

What else.. what else..

My next semester looks pretty rad.
Taking an agricultural biology class to fulfill my last generals.
One intro-y textual analysis English class, and another silver print photo class and of course, metalcasting.
Really looking forward to metal... I get my own table this fall, which is the undergrad equivalent to a studio.
I'm looking to do some light installation pieces... so it should be pretty sweet.
I'm starting to sketch, and I can't wait to begin.

So that's my life in a nutshell right now.
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[30 Apr 2008|12:59pm]
Today I dropped a now unnecessary SLHS course, declared my English major, and enrolled in a May term course that gave mention of discussion of Bob Dylan and Highway 61 Revisited.
I can't believe I didn't do this earlier.

Here are two gratuitous photos of my new siq ink, sans color.

In all its flakey glory.
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Major. [27 Apr 2008|02:06pm]
I'm switching to an English major.

And I got a tattoo.
Photos probably when it's done, it still needs to get color.
Buuut it's a sugar skull, on my ribcage, and it's baaadasssss.

So suck that, tribal tramp stamps.
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[05 Apr 2008|11:07am]
My final project is going to involve Holga fiber based prints, hand coloring, vintage books, perhaps a Polaroid transfer or two, and a lot of awesome.
So after learning I'm getting another $375 back for taxes, I treated myself to a set of these:

Mmm hand colored photographs.

Stick that up your pipe and smoke it, digital photography!
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[31 Mar 2008|11:40pm]
I had a woman get angry, angry!, with me tonight when I told her I couldn't give her a free drink just because she didn't have her cash card.
Her argument was that weren't we a neighborhood coffee shop?
I was way too nice to her, and she ended up "finding" cash in her pocket.

Best part is, she made herself look like a total dickwad in front of her 10ish daughter.
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[07 Feb 2008|08:00pm]
And, also?
How fucking sweet is Built to Spill, because I'm going to go with INCREDIBLY.
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[07 Feb 2008|07:46pm]
Cursive's Burst and Bloom ep most definitely has a spot in my top 10 albums of all time, if not top 5.

And please don't try and disagree and say The Ugly Organ is way better, because musically, yeah it probably is, but B&B holds a strange nostalgic place in my heart as well as being TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

And anyway, I also prefer Paul's Boutique to all Beastie Boys albums, so suck it.
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[28 Jan 2008|02:57pm]
I got a fish.
His name is John Stamos.
He's very beautiful.

My school schedule, for those whom I may be able to see on campus:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:05 till 9:55- some SLHS course- Shevlin Hall
11:15 till 12:05- art history- Blegen Hall
1:25 till 2:15- another SLHS course- Shevlin
my bus leaves at 2:27.
On Wednesdays I have photography from 6 till 10pm.

I think I may start kickboxing again.
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[20 Dec 2007|10:29pm]
My birthday is in two days.
And I'm really excited.
Especially since I had my final critique tonight.
Went fairly well.. I'll be putting some pictures up probably.

Lots of people said they'll be at the Kitty Cat Club.
So I really hope a lot do come.
And again... everyones invited... Saturday, at the aformentioned Kitty Cat Club, around 7 or 8ish.
Just call me!

Tonight I need to clean and make lists of things to be done tomorrow.
Tomorrow I am getting my hair cut and colored, then perhaps getting a Christmas tree with M.
That would be lovely.. even though it gives me roughly two days before Christmas to get excited, I think I can manage.

Oh, and Melanie... should you happen to see this,
I have ALMOST finished Cunt and plan to do so FIRST THING winter break.
So expect that back soon, I swear after two years!

Also, have you read Freakonomics?
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This is a pre-invite. [03 Dec 2007|01:32pm]
I turn 21 in 19 days.
On December 22.

So, everyone's invited!

Kitty Kat Club, on University and 14th (I think) Street.
Drinks, photobooth, and me getting too drunk, LEGALLY.
Around 7 or 8... depending on my man's show.
Afterwards? Who knows.

Why Dinkytown, you ask?
Well, Matt's band is playing a show at the Varsity.
Luckily, they'll be playing like 2nd or whatever, but I'm only going to watch Gloria, then head out.
Kitty Kat Club is right around the corner, and has a PHOTOBOOTH.
If you want to come to the show, please do!
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[02 Dec 2007|11:31pm]
Today Matthew and I made a deal- he could write on my forehead if I could draw on his penis.

Since, "hammock" has been washed off, but Matt's shaft still has an elephant on it.
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[21 Nov 2007|09:05pm]

That is an iron pour.
That is why I am absolutely in love with metal casting.

I'm so happy to realize just how much I love making art every day.
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[17 Nov 2007|11:05pm]
Thursday: 5pm till 1am. Eight hours.
Friday: 12pm till 3am. Fifteen hours.
Saturday: 11am till 10pm. Eleven hours.

Grand total: Thirty-four hours spent in the art studio in this past three days.

But it feels so, so good to accomplish something and be proud of something.

Iron pour on Tuesday. I can't wait.
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My mom. [02 Nov 2007|05:00pm]
I just had the best day since Matthew left (not night... that clearly goes to Jessi's birthday).

Woke up late, watched the new episode of teh Office.
My mom came over around 1:30... went to the MIA.
Saw the Georgia O'Keeffe exhibit, as well as some others.
Had lunch at Gigi's.. stopped by Patina.
Now I'm smoking a bowl (sans my mother) with a cat on my lap waiting to go to work.

Only on days like this, where I have a wonderful time with the woman I wouldn't even be in the same room with 4 years ago, that I really realize how different and how much I've grown up since then.

It's a nice feeling.
Matt'll be home this time next week (not year.. ha haa).
I'm happy.
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If anyone was interested... [11 Oct 2007|01:59pm]
The whole landlord-check deposit issue was cleared.
Or at least we thought so.

We had two landlords at our old place, David, who lived out of state and whom we called when shit got fucked up, and Eric, the guy who showed us the apartment, we sent our rent to, and actually "took care" of whatever was going wrong. He never actually fixed anything though.


We called David when we hadn't gotten our deposit money. He told us that yes, it was sent and cashed in August. After telling him that we never recieved it, nor deposited it, he said he'd call his bank and investigate it.

Monday morning I got an email from him that simply said, "Here's the image the bank sent me. It was cashed and signed, so let me know if there is anything else I can do."
The signature on the check was so not Matt's it was ridiculous. So I called my mom, just to let her know what was going on, and she actually took care of everything.

She called the bank and the police, who told her that we needed to go to the station and file a theft from mail report and an affidavat for the money. Then, we could bring it to the bank with our landlord. If he was not willing to go, we could bring him to a claims court.

Since we left for Chicago the next day, we figured we'd get that all taken care of the afternoon before. My mom called David back just to let him know what we were doing.

At this point, David flipped a bit. He got very nervous after finding out the police would be involved and told us not to go to them, that he would take care of it. He said he thought he knew what was going on, and he didn't want the police to come and check out his records and files.


Long story short, turns out Eric was stealing not only our money, but some of the rent checks. David had helped him out a few years ago after getting out of rehab, and thought that he was doing okay. Apparently not.
David cut us a new check personally and promised us it would be here in a day or two.

Matt and I figured, the less we had to do to get the money back, the better, so whatever. We figured shit was done.

This morning I got a call from my mother. My credit card bills and account statements are all sent to her house still, but she hadn't gotten either for a while. She called the bank to find out someone had called and had all my shit sent to my OLD apartment. I had not one this.

Now I'm getting two new cards. And I'm pissed as hell at my old landlords. I am pretty tempted to go leave everyone in that apartment a letter of what had happened, and then to wait and spit in Eric's face.

He's an asshole.
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[06 Oct 2007|10:54pm]
Matthew left today.

I can't believe just how much I depend on him for all sorts of things. In a good way though.
I'm perfectly capable of living alone, and doing anything by myself, but he's usually the only person I want with me for almost everything I do.
I'm already missing him immensely, but fortunately he'll be swinging by tomorrow night before leaving for good.

This will be good for me though.
I need to focus on school.
I also need to work. A lot.
And I've decided to become a responsible adult by paying off my one credit card, slowly of course.

This week is also veg week, and M has successfully gone another year of doing it!
I cannot CANNOT express how amazing it is to have a boyfriend who is so so supportive of everything I do.
I may or may not hae mentioned it a thousand times before, but I am so in love with him it's crazy.
He is THE most amazing, attractive, caring and loving person I have ever met and I am THE luckiest girl to be with him.

Plus he's the best in bed.

Tonight I'm being low key. I'm going to make myself some vegan cheesey bread, and watch Factory Girl. Probably in my pajamas. Tomorrow I work a double and may break from the amount of homework I have, but tonight, fuck it all. I'm missing my man.
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THIS POST IS VERY IMPORTANT. [04 Oct 2007|12:33am]
Do any of you want or know someone who wants a cat?

Otter is a very very sweet 2+ year old neutered, declawed male cat. He's black and white and is great with other cats and kids. His personality is very mellow and relaxed. He doesn't deserve to be without a home.

Long story short, he was brought to the humane society on short notice. He won't be euthanized, but he still does need a loving home.

Please, please ask everyone you know if they, or someone they know, is looking for a cat.
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Back from Chicago. [29 Sep 2007|11:34pm]

We saw the Beastie Boys.
Fan fucking tastic. Seriously.

We ate at Chicago Diner (at my insistance).
More vegan yum.

We went to the Shedd Aquarium.
It was insane. Absolutely insane.

And we smoked a ridiculous amount of weed and drank a lot of wine.
My life is pretty fucking sweet.

This is us looking fabulous, because really, we are fabulous.
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